What you'll learn

  • How to create a brand identity

    Learn concrete tools and strategies to define your uniqueness and necessity in the marketplace.

  • How to attract life long customers

    A solid brand is not just about looks, but conversion. Discover how precise branding tactics can attract committed​, and loyal customers.

  • How to deeply impact your market

    Learn how to create a brand identity that speaks to the heart and not just the mind.

Course curriculum

Short valuable videos

For entrepreneurs on the go

Our videos get straight to the point. We made sure to include the highest leverage content with the least amount of fluff. So you can implement your new knowledge right away.
Short valuable videos

Meet your instructor

The founder and CEO of Paper Scraps Inc

  • Mia Grable

    Founder and CEO of Paper Scraps Inc

    Mia Grable

    Founder of Paper Scraps, Mia Grable is a self-made entrepreneur who strives to put meaning into marketing. With the help of her amazing team, she has been supporting mission-driven companies launch and scale.
Tanya Raven

Game Changer

Tanya Raven

This is Game a total GAME CHANGER for anyone that is looking to start a business or even for those who want to rebrand or have more clarity on their business offerings. I took Mia's course last year and really enjoyed the process and the way she broke everything down step-by-step. I wasn't fully ready to launch at the time, and now a year later I am still referencing it. A few weeks ago I was even carrying it around with me daily, working with the branding statements, to help launch my 2 businesses. Now I have clear statements for both companies that have helped me create relationships, clients, and revenue! Mia is a GENIUS in the way she artfully and clearly laid out her DIY Comprehensive Branding Kit process. If you are in need of clarity for your business - don't hesitate to do this program! This is really the holy grail for branding.
Betsy Finkelhoo

True Clarity

Betsy Finkelhoo

I have multiple businesses and passions in life, so this process really assisted me on getting clear on the essence of my offerings and foundation of what I am building. Mia’s feedback throughout the process contributed to the refinement of the most impactful statements while reminding me to stay connected to the heart and soul of my vision and mission. It wasn’t until I started the process that I realize how very important it really is. Thank you, Mia for your support, encouragement and inspiration!
Summer Fae

Deep and powerful

Summer Fae

If you are thinking of starting, working on creating, or currently have your own business Mia is the one to go to for branding statements. She is all about finding the deepest essence and core offering of your business and helping you to reveal it in a deep powerful way to share with the world. As well as helps to uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from creating your fullest offering. I have been working with her for the last few weeks and I'm amazed at what we have created together through her program. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Megan Ferry

I found my big why

Megan Ferry

The process it took me through has been so valuable and will definitely be used for all of my projects/businesses that needs branding. Their knowledge in this field is beyond impressive and just mind blowing. I never understood how important branding is for a business until I went through the process. I am sooo excited to start sharing my clear, concise, and powerful statements that now explains everything I do and offer to the world. The statements you will create will show you how powerful a message can be with just a sentence! A sentence that turns you on with so much excitement because it is directly linked to the core essence of your big why!

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